In this week’’s episode, Brian picks the somewhat quotidian topic of “walking the dog”. Abhik questions whether dog ownership is all it is cracked up to be.

Do you just become a slave to your dog’s habit or could it become a labour of love? Is needing to be walked a uniquely dog phenomenon or are humans creatures of habit as well?

Shourov hypothesises that we are living through an unprecedented period of change. While being adaptable and agile drives success in the new economy, should we yearn for a time when life was simpler and more stable.

Is there a place for habit and stability in a disruptive “dog eat dog” world ? And who would win a fight between a dog and a wombat? What exactly is a hyrax? And what would a world ruled by guinea pigs look like?

From the sex lives of disabled people to guinea pig recipes to mistaking manatees for mermaids, the boys leave no topic unturned in their quest for mildly amusing and vaguely plausible anecdotes.

Spoiler alert:  Don’t listen to this episode if you are planning to read George Orwell’s Animal Farm or to watch that Facebook video of a Hyena fighting a pack of wild dogs.

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