IMG_0456 Busker

While Brian is out wrangling politicians in the nation’s capital,  Chris comes in off the bench and capably fills the breach.   The boys all admit to struggling to keep up with the latest music.

Was music that much better in the “good old days” ?  Why doesn’t anyone make good music anymore ?  What were the “good old days”  anyway ?  Chris and Shourov are stuck in a time warp in the early noughties.   Abhik’s musical heyday was somewhere before the mid 90’s, perhaps even the 60’s.

Even if you resist the temptation to be a grumpy old man, how DO you go about discovering new music ?   Who or what determines what is good ?   Is there right or wrong to music or is it just unnecessary snobbery ?  Where is the guidebook ? Has anyone written the user manual ?

Ella Fitzgerald and 70s Bollywood,  taping Take 40 Australia in the 80s, Stock Aitken and Waterman,  Melbourne blues clubs, gangster rap and endless farewell  tours, narrative arc in the lyrics and weird and wonderful guitar chords – the discussion ranges far and wide over space and time and lands back in the present to a mildly satisfying conclusion.

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